Thin Air

When it gets dark and I’m alone,
out like a night owl flies my soul.
When I alight, free at last.
I cling to the leaves of slender branch
As I pass along.
A man stopped dead, at the sight
A woman fainted, a child cried.
None of these are of my concern,
we all pass on, we all pass on.
As I pass along.

The Day Long

We got here without a penny, looking for work.
We turn up our collars, restless and now we’re both
hungry, it’s not meant for the poor to make some money.
We arrived on our last dollar, got a job with the local
barber, sent a post card home to mama, let her know
I got a room in town and I’m lonely.
We work all day long, until the morning sun comes.
Last in line and the kids are hungry, no reply when
we call our families, stay inside for the warmth of our bodies.
Landlord’s got a face that’s not too happy.
Water here is not worth drinking, winter’s freeze has got
me thinking, that if we don’t succumb to something,
I won’t have a penny left for nothing.


Only money keeps me going, I can’t get on without
and my life is like a candle that soon will be snuffed out.
I’m alone, I have nobody, with whom I play around.
Sunday suppers with my butler, Mondays, Polo Club.
Tuesday finds me at the races, by Thursday I have won.
Friday finds me at the tables, until the Sunday sun.
I’m not out to hurt no one, I just want to have some fun
Why can’t I fall asleep tonight, dreams cannot be found.
Only money makes me happy, turns my world around.

Social Calls

I keeping asking myself what am I going to do
At night lying awake, around quarter to two
Am I washed up, am I all through
I never had much luck with singing the blues
I could build a house in the sun
Hang a clothes line up in the yard
Find a steady girl, a steady job
I never had much luck with living at all
I pass an image on a cereal box,
I never asked for what I didn’t want,
Maybe I want for what, I want to much
This winters got this town in a funk
Nobody’s doing much just occasional drunks
Seems a big night out, at the grocery store
I really take my time filling the cart
I never had much luck with social calls


You’ve been gone so many days that I lost count.
I start to get the feeling that you may want out.
Although, I’m alone, I hope that you’re coming home soon.
Wasting days and I been wasting too many nights.
Looking for the right words but I don’t want to fight.
Don’t want to ask too much of you.
Lets find some things that we can do, alone soon.

All Roads Lead Home

Hey I know what you’re going through
You came out on a line now you’re wondering what you’re meant to do
No one knows what your supposed to do
But you keep moving on ‘Til the next trains coming through
And you don’t know why and you don’t know where you’ll move
Many times a ghost wind’s blown many boats to shore
Many years will my soul roam but all roads lead me home
My lord it’s that time again
When you’re looking for love and you just can’t find a friend, say can you share some time
Cause I could sure use some company tonight
And I’ll tell you a story if you give me the time
Many times a fire’s warmed many hearts of stone
Many paths has my soul roamed, all roads lead home


The first time I saw her she was standing in an alley
She had a hole in her shoe
Bought me a coffee gave me her number and said
What do you like to do?
I fell in love with that first cigarette she put between my lips
She was different then anyone I’d ever met and I can’t get her out of my head
She fell asleep in my bead one night, we had too much to drink
I was on a plane and it was going down and at times I think she was just a dream
But it ain’t no fun getting tied up in the rain
no, it ain’t no fun getting tied up in the rain
She went east because she had some troubles with her old man I guess
She said she wasn’t sure if she’d ever be heading my way again
Well it grew cold without her that winter
I missed the warmth of her arms, I could’ve replaced her with another person
Lord, I tried but it just felt wrong
It’s like the sun on a cold window pane and her fingerprint still remains, the setting
sun was our sweet farewell and at times I think she was just a dream, just a dream
Cause it ain’t no fun getting tied up in the rain
No it ain’t no fun getting tied up in the rain

Dahmer Chrysler

My name is Dahmer Chrysler I’m a man of 28
I get my motivation from the records that I play
And I don’t want to live here anymore,
No I don’t want to live here anymore
Somewhere in my childhood something happened to me
And I don’t want to live here anymore,
No I don’t want to live anymore
I walk alone


I’m lonely, I’m lonely, I’m lonely, Alone
Oh, I’m lonely
I’m worried, I’m worried, I’m worried
Oh, I’m worried
I’m working, I’m working,
I’m working, Lord I’m working
Oh I’m working, Lord I’m working


I’m at home so far, nothing changed at all
Daisy’s in the yard and she’s growing up
Taller than tall. Occupying time, I keep my
head in the clouds. The grass in the yard
is still brown, hasn’t grown an inch since Saturday.
Yet I know there’s someone,
coming here this morning that’s going to
change it all. Let me know, when you’ll call
I’m at home so far, nothings changed at all
There’s flowers in the yard
That are growing up taller than tall
Occupying time I keep my head in the clouds
Clouds in the sky are still gray
And they look the same as yesterday.
Bring the wood in, wash the windows,
Hang the laundry, check your email
Mow the lawn and pay the phone bill
Buy the dog food, ring the doorbell
I’m at home, nothings changed at all

Deaf Ears

Lay around this house
Waiting for a call to ring me awake
Stay up all night listening
To the sounds of night, fall on, deaf ears

Come To Me

Lay down a while let your cares slip away
Breathe in with me and breathe out with me,
Just breathe
If you feel like a pawn in a game that you lost come to me,
come to me
And the path that you made left you lost in a maze,
Come to me, Come to me, Come to me
In the course that you lose the direction you choose
Come to me, Come to me
If the ocean is vast and your sky becomes black
Come to me, Come to me, Come to me
Lay down awhile let your cause slip away
Breathe in with me and breathe out with me
Just breathe


Darkness comes and evening settles in,
I am here, alone again with her, Caroline
Scent is soft, the sand is warm
Again, lay your head down with me and let yourself go
You’re fine, Caroline
On the wind the silence visits me,
Times that I remember to have been, by her side
As the sun shines off the sea
So my love will always be,
With her where she lies
You’re fine, Caroline


Go on get out your Evil